The Company will transition to electronic communications with Shareholders in 2024

The Company currently sends printed copies of corporate communications to its Shareholders. As part of the Company’s initiatives to be more environmentally conscious, the Company will transition into electronic communications in the first quarter of 2024. Under this updated communication method, we will not distribute printed copies of corporate communications to Shareholders by default.


Before the adoption of this updated electronic communications method, the Company will send to the registered address of each Shareholder kept with the Hong Kong Share Registrar a notification letter. This letter will detail the updated electronic communications method and include a method by which Shareholders can notify/update the Company with their nominated functional email addresses and/or make a specific request for corporate communications to be delivered to them in printed form for a limited of time.  


Where can I find the Company’s corporate communications?


All Shareholders can access and download digital copies of a corporate communication on the websites of the Company ( and the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited ( Both English and Chinese (where available) language versions of corporate communications will be made available on these websites.


What are corporate communications?


Corporate communications” are documents issued or to be issued by the Company for the specific information or action of Shareholders, and include, but is not limited to, interim and annual reports, notice of general meetings, proxy forms, circulars, and listing documents.


Who are shareholders?


Shareholder(s)” are holders of the ordinary shares of the Company.